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Other than through the productivity spillovers explored in our programmes Evolution of Urban Systems and Internal Structure of Cities and Production, cities benefit firms and workers through many potential consumption advantages. The aim of this programme is, therefore, to inform planning and internal migration policies with a thorough analysis of the consumption benefits and costs cities provide their citizens, how these are affected by different city structures, and whether the associated productivity externalities make cities more- or less-desirable places to live.

In this context, key factors analysed include city size and diversity. To evaluate the social costs and benefits of segregation in cities, the consumption benefits of large cities are analysed in terms of increased choice both amongst goods and services, and amongst neighbourhoods and neighbours. A second strand of research explores urban-rural differences in patterns of consumption. Associated research efforts explore the role of demand for amenities in driving spatial patterns of income and ethnic segregation within cities and the role of this segregation in supporting specialised consumption. Using historic poverty data and Census data for London, SERC researchers are examining the drivers of the evolution of the internal residential structure of cities through sorting of people across space in response to policy changes and other events.

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